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Future Planning

Our Challenges

We have significant challenges before us a school district and a community as we strive to continue providing an excellent public education for all of our students - and the many more that we know are coming in the next few years.  These challenges stem from steadily rising enrollments, the limited capacity of aging facilities, and budgetary constraints.  

In response to these challenges, the Board is focused on developing cost-effective solutions to accommodate enrollment growth in a manner consistent with our educational mission and values.  To do this, we are:  i) defining and validating District needs, ii) engaging and collaborating with community members, local institutions and the municipality, and iii) seeking advice from community experts and professionals with planning and design expertise. 

The Ad Hoc Committee on Future Enrollment

In February, 2019, the Board convened an Ad Hoc Committee on Future Enrollment of local citizens to review the District's demographer's model and assumptions and to help explain updated enrollment projections to the Board and to the community. This committee's charge may be viewed here.

Ad Hoc Future Enrollment Committee members include:  Ralph Widner (Chair), Jian Chen, Lance Liverman, Jeffrey Oakman, Wendy Wilton and Brandice Canes-Wrone.  

The Ad Hoc Strategic Advisory Committee on Growth and Capacity

In May, 2019, the Board convened an Ad Hoc Strategic Advisory Committee on Growth and Capacity of local citizens with expertise in areas including planning, policy, the school impact of residential development and real estate development.  This Committee advises the Board and Superintendent on the school impact of municipal land use planning, site planning and other matters as set forth in its charge.

Ad Hoc Strategic Advisory Committee on Growth and Capacity members include: Robert Powell (Chair), Ginny Bryant, Esq., Robert Freudenberg, Harry Levine, Alison Isenberg and Chris Sturm.

Next Steps

The Board is considering how to best move forward with a collaborative planning process.  We want to develop optimal, financially-viable alternatives to address current and future facilities needs, in light of known and anticipated residential growth in Princeton.  

To do this, we need the help of community members in finding solutions.  We are fortunate to live in a community with deep expertise and a strong devotion to public education.  

If you would like to offer your expertise and/or thoughts, suggestions and insights as we move forward with planning, please feel free to reach out to Board Member Jess Deutsch.