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What does QUEST look like

in Grades K-2?

In Kindergarten, first, and second grade, all students will receive Tier 1 services to meet their learning needs. They will be closely observed by the classroom and QUEST teacher for exceptional abilities. Behaviors and academic performance will be observed and tracked throughout the year.

Below is a list of traits that teachers will be looking for. Please note that giftedness is not marked by exhibiting all of these traits, but may only be a combination of a few.

  • High self- and social-awareness
  • Highly alert and observant
  • Perfectionism
  • A unique or adult sense of humor
  • Monopolizes discussions
  • Solves problems creatively
  • Challenges rules and authority
  • A strong sense of justice
  • High sense of empathy and sensitivity
  • Corrects peers and adults
  • Daydreams
  • Comprehends and retains new information with little to no repetition
  • Easily bored or distracted
  • Knows and understands information above their grade level

Students that exhibit gifted and talented behaviors and academic performance will receive some Tier 2 services in the form of instructional adaptations within the classroom, supported by the QUEST teacher.