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We pride ourselves in teaching mathematics in a way that engages, intrigues, and challenges our students, beginning with the basics in pre-Kindergarten through advanced classes at Princeton High School. Most students at John Witherspoon Middle School study pre-algebra in 6th grade and progress to algebra in 7th grade, which they continue to study in 8th grade. This track puts students on a path to take a range of highly rigorous math courses at Princeton High School, including calculus in their senior year if they so desire. We encourage students to work closely with their math teachers and guidance counselors to select courses that are appropriately challenging at the high school level.

Elementary to Middle School Transition

We want to create the most successful mathematics experience for all students as they transition from elementary mathematics into more advance mathematics. Near the end of the school year, students will have the opportunity to take the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (IAAT) along with completing an open-ended math problem that shows students' mathematical thinking. Students' performance on these two assessments will determine if enroll in the Pre-Algebra course or the Accelerated Pre-Algebra course. All 5th grade parents will receive a letter from the Mathematics Supervisor prior to the assessments with additional information. 

Advancing a Course

High School students may advance a course level in mathematics, science, and world languages. Advancement of a course level allows a student to bypass a prerequisite course by pursuing a pre-approved, organized course of study at a recognized institution outside the school day or school year. A student may advance a course level in a given sequence of courses found in mathematics, sciences (AP courses only) and world languages with that understanding that:

*A student needs to have at least a B+ in their current accelerated science class.
*A student needs a recommendation from their current accelerated science teacher.
*A student needs to receive an A in the summer course and come prepared to take the final exam of the first-year accelerated course on the August dates listed in the Program of Study for the beginning school year and receive a score of B+ (87%) or better to advance.
Please review the PHS Program of Studies for additional information. If a student wants to advance a course, they should talk with the guidance counselor. 


Kelly Curtiss, Math and Business Supervisor
609-806-4280 x 3612