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Taipei educators visit Mandarin at PHS
A delegation of 15 members of the Taipei City Department of Education visited Princeton High School, including administrative leaders and principals from top-ranking schools. In the spirit of global exchange, the educators sought to learn more about ideas and best practices at Princeton Public Schools in a variety of areas, such as  curriculum, professional learning communities, and student-centered learning.  


Chin-Huang Feng, deputy of education for the Taipei city government, who headed the delegation, summarized Princeton's approach in terms of three “P's”: personalized education; passionate learning; and professionalism of faculty and staff.

The event also gave Princeton students and staff a chance to show off their skills. “The visit provided a great opportunity for me to demonstrate strategies for teaching Mandarin in the American class,” said Shwu-Fen Lin, a Chinese language teacher at Princeton High School. “My students also had the chance to use the Mandarin they had learned and apply it to real life.”