School Counseling and Career Services

Students throwing their graduation caps following the graduation ceremony.


Child Study Team

Sheila Miles, Learning Consultant
609.806.4284 x 3552

Lisa Peters, Learning Consultant
609.806.4284 x3541

Suhail Bohorquez, Social Worker
609.806.4284 x 3553

Jennifer Kuntz, School Psychologist
609.806.4284 x 3551

David Rosenfeld, School Psychologist
609.806.4284 x 3339


Khyati Desai x3523
Gabrielle Roberts x3527

School Counselors 

Tom Filippone
609.806.4282 x3535

Kyle Pugliese
609.806.4282 x3540

Paul Song
609.806.4282 x 3537

Rebecca McEvoy
609.806.4282 x3534

Paulo Velasco
609.806.4282 x3532

Tina OConnell / Angela Mosley (Leave Replacement) /
609.806.4282 x 3573

Nipurna Shah
609.806.4282 x3533

School Counseling Department Staff 

Patti Lieberman, College Counselor
609.806.4282 x3531

Diana Lygas, Dean of Students
609.806.4280 x 3538

Gwen Kimsal, Substance Assistance Counselor
609.806.4280 x 3279   

Andrea Dinan, IDEAS Center Director
609.806.4280 x3281



EXciting programming!

Did you know there are some incredible programs that your school counselor can help you explore?  
- Princeton High School offers two college classes: Psychology and Sign Language. Email your school counselor to sign up. - Mercer County Technical Schools are accepting invitations for their programming! Everything from culinary to STEM to auto technology. Check them out here:

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