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Programs and Services

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    General Education Class: Students eligible for special education may be able to learn effectively in a general education class if the teacher(s) modifies the instruction or the materials. Special equipment (for example, a Braille typewriter, phonic ear, or tape recorder) may be available which allows children to perform adequately in a regular class. This may require the consultation of a special education professional.

        •     Supplementary Instruction: A certified teacher works either with one student or a small group of students (no more than five) to help with regular subjects. In some cases, the supplementary instructor may go into the regular classroom to help the student(s).

        •     Resource Center Program: The Resource Center Program is an alternative way of providing services to an educationally disabled child. It is usually appropriate for the child who does not need as much as a full day of instructional time in a special setting, i.e., in a special class. The Resource Program teacher is certified in special education. He or she may provide individual or group instruction outside the general education classroom (a "pull-out" model) and/or in the general education classroom. The Resource Program teacher can provide replacement instruction in a subject (in lieu of receiving it in the regular classroom) or support instruction to reinforce what a child receives in the classroom.

        •     Special Class (In District): Often called a self-contained class, this is a special education class for children whose disability makes it difficult for them to perform successfully in most or all regular academic classes. Teachers of special classes are often assisted by classroom aides. Children assigned to this class stay there for most academic subjects. The age span of children in the class cannot exceed four years. In some cases, children in special classes can be included in general education classes for particular subjects. These special classes are organized by classification and are small in size. Thus there are classes for students classified as Perceptually Impaired, Communication Handicapped, and so on. Where the appropriate class is not available in your child's home school, an effort is made to place your child in the Princeton school closest to your home.

        •     Special Class (Out of District): This class is for children whose educational needs cannot be met in one of the special education programs available in the Princeton schools. The class is provided either at the Mercer County Special Services School District, a special class in another nearby public school system, or an approved private special education school at no cost to parents.

        •     Vocational School: Special education students are eligible to attend a half-day vocational school program, typically beginning in tenth or eleventh grade. This program is located at the Mercer County Vocational-Technical School at the Arthur R. Sypek Center in Ewing or the Assinpink Center in West Windsor.

        •     Home Instruction: Instruction at a student's home by a certified teacher is provided temporarily while the student is recuperating from an illness or while a special education placement is being arranged.
        •     Preschool Handicapped Programs: School districts in New Jersey are obligated to provide educational programs to children from ages 3 to 5 who demonstrate developmental delays. These children are evaluated by a Child Study Team, and if special education is warranted, the child is recommended for a classification of Preschool Handicapped.  There are a number of program options for these young students including in-district programs (e.g. integrated preschool classes, preschool disabiliites classes). Other options can include services provided to students who are not included in our in-district programs (e.g. Mercer County Special Services School District). Children under the age of 3 who demonstrate delays in development are eligible for free services through another Mercer County program called the Project Child Early Intervention Program. Parent training is also provided.

        •     Related Services: A student may be found to need related services to reinforce or make beneficial their educational program. A specialist outside the classroom typically provides related services, either individually or in small groups. The specialist may also consult with your child's teacher to coordinate the services with classroom lessons. The following are examples of related services:
  •                         Counseling
  •                         Speech and language therapy
  •                         Occupational therapy
  •                         Physical therapy
  •                         Adaptive physical education
  •                         Special transportation
The decision regarding what related services a student will receive and the frequency of service will be made by the IEP team (parents, teacher and Child Study Team).

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