Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Elementary Schools: Your child's teacher should be your first point of contact.  If you need additional assistance, please contact your building principal or school counselor. 

Middle School/High School: Your child's teacher(s) should be your first point of contact. If you need additional assistance, please contact the school counselor, departmental supervisor(s), dean of students, assistant principal, or principal.

How do I report that my child will be absent?

Please call the attendance line for your school to report a student absence. 

How do I get homework assignments for my student if they are absent?

Elementary Schools:  You may get this information by leaving a message for the teacher with the school secretary prior to 12-noon.

Middle School/High School:  If the student will be absent for more than three days, you may get this information by leaving a message with the guidance counselor: 

  • John Witherspoon Middle School: 609.806.4272
  • Princeton High School: 609.806.4282

What do I need to do to pick up my child early from school?

Please send a written note requesting that your child be excused early.  You may pick up your child at your school's main office. 

What do I do if my child will be late to school?

A pupil arriving after the start of the school day is required to report to the main office with their parent. This will ensure that accurate attendance records are maintained. 

How do I get ahold of my student during the school day?

Only emergency messages may be delivered to students during the school day.  In case of an emergency, please leave a message with the school’s secretary, which will pass along to your student.

My child wants to play a musical instrument. What are my options for buying or renting an instrument?

Any student who wants to participate in orchestra or band activities will receive information about the cost of renting an instrument at the beginning of the school year. If the cost of renting an instrument is a hardship for a family, they should notify their principal so that an exemption may be given.

What should I do if I think my child is being harassed, intimidated, or bullied?

Please report the incident to your child's principal or anti-bullying/HIB coordinator at your child's school. Princeton Public Schools prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation, or bullying against pupils and takes all reports of this behavior seriously. 

How do I transfer my child to a new school?

Parents who are transferring their children to another school should visit their school's main office or the guidance/attendance office at the high school. A transfer card and health record will be provided to the parent or guardian. Academic information will be forwarded to the receiving school upon request. Elementary schools need two weeks’ notice to mail documents to a new school.

How do I give permission for my child to go home with another adult?

Please send a written note to school with your child giving your child's school permission for your child to leave with that adult.  The adult must report to the school’s main office to pick up your child. 

How does my child receive their medication during the school day?

Parents will need to submit written permission for their child to receive medication along with a note from your family physician.  Medication must be in its original container. Learn more on the school nurse page

What do I do if my child forgets their lunch at home?

You may deliver your child's lunch to the school office. 

My child forgot something on the bus. How do I get it?

Please call the Transportation Office at 609.806.4209. 

How do I updated my contact information (phone, address, etc.)?

Please login to the Parent Portal to update your contact information in addition to contacting your school's main office. 

What is the Parent Portal and do I login?

All families need to have a Parent Portal account. The Parent Portal is where parents can update their contact information and see their child grades. If you have having difficulty logging in, please see our instructions for accessing the Parent Portal

What is PowerSchool Learning and how do I login?

PowerSchool Learning provides information about each of your child's classes, including syllabi, calendars, and assignments. If you have having difficulty logging in, please see our instructions for accessing PowerSchool Learning

Who do I call if I need something translated into Spanish? 

If you need assistance understanding something that is written in English, please contact Monique Jones at JW, Liliana Morenilla at JP, or Tracey Goldberg at CP.