Temporary Bike Lane Between Downtown and JW
Posted on 05/24/2018

Through May 29th, a temporary bike lane will be in place along Wiggins Street/Hamilton Avenue from Witherspoon Street to Walnut Lane/Chestnut Street. The bike lane will provide a safe and convenient route between Princeton High School and John Witherspoon Middle School and the Princeton Public Library and the rest of the downtown area. 

Students, parents, teachers, staff, and bus drivers should keep the following important safety tips in mind during the time the temporary bike lane is in place. 

Bike Safety   

  • Wear a helmet and bright clothing
  • Before riding do the “ABC” check:  air, brakes, chain
  • Have a bell or a horn on your bike, and use it to alert drivers and pedestrians
  • If riding at night make sure to have a white light in front and a red light in back- that’s lights- not reflectors 


  • Ride with traffic the dedicated bike lanes
  • Safer to ride with a friend than solo
  • Obey all traffic signs  and signals, just like a car driver
  • Use hand signals to indicate turns
  • Be considerate of other vehicles and pedestrians around you


  • There will be more cyclists about, especially during the start and end of each school day
  • Be patient and understanding of cyclists
  • Do not drive in the bike lane
  • At either end of the dedicated bike lanes cyclists will probably continue into unprotected traffic lanes. Please share the road. 

The “Beta Bike Lane” is being developed by the Princeton Bicycle Advisory Committee in conjunction with the municipality and will be a model for possible permanent bike lanes in the future.