Equity Audit Presentation July 17
Posted on 07/13/2018

Dear students, staff, parents, and community members,

I am proud to announce that at our Board meeting next Tuesday, July 17th at 7:30 PM here at 25 Valley Road, we will be sharing the results of the equity audit we undertook this past school year. Marceline DuBoise, our district’s consultant for the equity audit, will present her findings and recommendations based on the information she gathered through an analysis of data as well as through surveys and focus groups involving feedback from more than 2800 parents, students, and staff. Her report is honest and objective noting areas of strength as well as issues and disparities we need to address. I invite you to attend the Board meeting to hear the report, or to watch the meeting’s live stream on our YouTube channel.

The work we are doing to achieve educational equity is essential to our mission as a school district. It is work focused on ensuring that all students - regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual identification, country of origin, cultural affiliation, language spoken, learning difference, or economic background - are celebrated in our schools and achieve their highest potential.

Tuesday’s presentation is an important step in an ongoing process to help us achieve our equity goals. It is a step that will inform our continuing efforts to diversify our curriculum, diversify our staff, overcome bias, and foster inclusion.

And those efforts are not ones we are undertaking alone.  We are working with Princeton’s Civil Rights Commission to form a “Study Circle” of community leaders, educators, and students who will meet multiple times this summer to review the equity report in depth and begin developing meaningful action steps for us to implement.  As this work progresses, we will continue to keep you informed about what we are learning and the resulting changes we will be making.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  I hope you will attend or tune in for the presentation on the equity audit next Tuesday, July 17th at 7:30 PM.


Steve Cochrane