Advancing Over a Course

From the PHS Program of Studies

Advancing of a Course Level (mathematics, science, and world languages):

Advancement of course level allows a student to bypass a prerequisite course by pursuing a pre-approved, organized course of study at a recognized institution outside the school day or school year. A student may advance a course level in a given sequence of courses found in mathematics, sciences (AP courses only) and world languages with the understanding that:

  • A student must be earning an average of a “B+” or better in the current course.
  • Exception: For students planning to enroll in Pre-Calc Acc before 10th grade, an
  • A- is required in the current and all previous math courses.
  • A student takes a pre-approved 120-hour advancing credit course in the level being
  • bypassed.
  • A student submits the Advancement of a Course Level Form to the appropriate supervisor before May 4, 2018. The form is available online.
  • A student submits a description of the anticipated coursework to the appropriate supervisor. The description must include the number of hours the course meets per week and the number of weeks of study.
  • A science course must have a lab component. For AP Science courses, the student must already have earned credit in a lab science course at PHS.
  • A language course must specify how the development of oral proficiency will occur.
  • A student submits notebooks, quizzes, tests, and lab reports compiled during the course
  • The supervisor reviews each student’s coursework as part of the placement process.
  • A student will not be granted permission to move ahead to the next level unless s/he takes the PHS final exam (and possibly a mid-year exam) in the bypassed course.
  • A student takes the exam only once and must earn a score of at least 87% to be considered for advancement.
  • In mathematics, a student must also meet the specific requirements for eligibility for each course.
  • For advancing in world languages, the exam includes a proficiency test consisting of an interview or presentation in the target language as well as reading and writing tasks.
  • A student registers with the supervisor to take the exam on either August, 2018Test locations and times will be posted on the PHS website.
  • An approved course taken at other institutions for the purpose of advancing a level may be reflected on a student’s transcript, but will not be awarded credit. Please have the institution send official documentation to the PHS Guidance Office. Course grades will not be factored into the GPA.
  • Priority for placement into courses is given to those students who have enrolled in the course through the regular scheduling process.
  • Placement decisions are made at the building level by the supervisor in conjunction with the principal and are considered final.

Additional Information 

1. Princeton Public Schools advancement of course application is separate from any registration forms required from the educational institution of your choosing. Princeton ONLY requires submission of the application with a syllabus of the selected summer course. Princeton Public Schools does not endorse any specific institution for summer courses.

** Please do not wait for approval of district advancement application prior to registering for a summer course.

** Please do not submit summer institution registrations forms to the district for approval.  Note:  the summer institution may offer courses for credit; however, PPS will only reflect courses taken on transcripts but will not award credit.

2. Completed applications are necessary for the department to plan for possible schedule adjustments to class size. If the department does not receive a completed application by the deadline a student may not be able to take the final exam and/or achieve approval for advancement.

3. Mathematics Final Exam testing will take place on Wed., August 8, 2018 OR Wed., August 15, 2018 at John Witherspoon Middle School, 217 Walnut Lane, Princeton, OR Mon., August 27, 2018, 151 Moore Street, Princeton. Enter through the main entrance and follow the signs to the testing location.

4. Testing will begin PROMPTLY at 9 am on each exam date. Please plan accordingly. If you arrive after testing begins, you may not be able to enter the exam room. 

5.  All tests are multiple choice so please bring two #2 pencils on test day.

6.  Scientific calculators are allowed on all exams.  Graphing calculators will be allowed on Pre-Calculus exams. 

7. You will not receive confirmation of your selected test date. Your name and final exam selection will be kept on a master list so preparations can be made prior to each test date.

8. Your guidance counselor will be notified of all final exam grades and subsequent schedule changes, if necessary. Please do not contact the math and/or guidance department asking for your grade.

9. You will receive notification of your grade and final course placement decision in the mail during the week following the second final exam test date. Please do not contact the math and/or guidance department seeking grades.

10. Please note: advancing over a course is an opportunity and will only be considered if ALL guidelines have been met.


Please complete the Math Department's application to advance a course level by May 4, 2018.