Physical Education or Health courses are required for every student. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be placed in 3 quarters of physical education and 1 quarter of health per year. Sophomores will take 3 quarters of physical education and one of Driver Education Theory. According to New Jersey state law, students must be enrolled and pass one year of physical education and health for each year they are enrolled in a New Jersey public high school. Option II is available to students who meet the criteria. For application details, please visit the PHS Athletics website.


Grades: 9-12
4 credits
Prerequisite: None

The Physical Education program is designed to offer students opportunities to develop interest and skill in a variety of physical activities. Individual activities aim to develop basic skills, coordination, agility, and knowledge of rules as well as to stimulate an interest in lifelong sports, recreation, and fitness activities. Individual activities include Badminton, Jogging, Dance, Strength & Conditioning, Speed and Agility, Weight Training, Recreational Games, and Track and Field. Team activities aim to develop fundamental team skills and techniques, alertness, endurance, safety, knowledge of rules, and sportsmanship. Team activities include Flag Football, Tennis, Pickle Ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, and Futsal.

Students in Grade 9 will participate in Health, as a component of their PE class.
The program for freshmen health focuses on the acquisition of basic positive health habits. Topics to be covered include emotional and social health, stress management, substance abuse education, and human sexuality.

Students in Grade 10 will participate in Driver’s Education, as a component of their PE class.
This course gives students an understanding of automobile indicators, controls, and safety equipment. Students learn to maneuver the automobile and will discuss driver strategies and emergency situations. Instruction also addresses current laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal substances. The New Jersey Written Driver Examination will be administered at the conclusion of the course.

Students in Grade 11 & 12 will participate in Health, as a component of their PE class.
This program is designed to encourage students to examine contemporary issues in public and personal health and to develop their own values through group discussions. The following are examples of the topics explored on a rotating two-year cycle: human sexuality and family living, infectious diseases, life-cycles and issues of aging, substance abuse, teenage suicide, stress management, depression, ecology, and environmental safety.

TEEN PEP: H92014

Grades: 11
5 Credits
Prerequisite: 9th, 10th Health and application is required.

This is a full year course in sexual health education. Selected students will be trained to be leaders and peer educators and will conduct outreach workshops for peers, parents and educators. Workshops will address the following topics: postponing sexual involvement, pregnancy prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) prevention, parent-teen communication, sexual harassment, date rape, dating violence prevention, homophobia reduction, puberty education, and other sexual health concerns. Workshops will be presented during the designated class periods with outreach to 9th & 10th grade classes that meet at that time. This elective course is open to members of the junior and senior classes.