Below is a list of clubs at Princeton High School as of January 18, 2018. For additional information about clubs, contact Mrs. Lygas. 


We're a fully student-run film magazine and movie club, aimed at giving PHS film lovers a forum for their opinions and spreading interest in film events both worldwide and local. 151MM is involved in organizing the annual Whiplash Film Challenge and Princeton Student Film Festival, while producing periodic publications and videos, available at Long live the movies!

Advisor: John Sullivan

Meeting Info:  Thursdays after school Room 132

Active Minds at PHS

Active Minds at PHS is a student chapter of Active Minds, a nonprofit mental health awareness group which works to educate peers, rais  e awareness, and promote positive mental health amongst high school and college students. We work to reduce the stigma surrounding these very important issues and raise funds for mental health education to benefit our peers and community.

Advisor: Mr. Velasco

Meeting Info:  Monday's at break  Mr. Velasco's office at guidance until we find a free classroom


We step to protect! And we dance for a chance, to be known in the world. And we feel to appeal to the world and that's for real.

Advisor: Me. Wilkinson

Meeting Info:  Monday's after school, Wednesdays and Thursdays during br In the block box


Algorithms and Coding Club

Attention aspiring coders and coding enthusiasts! The Algorithms and Coding club is for people who think it's fun to code! There are no pre-requisites to it, and everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. We try to make coding fun by introducing interesting brain teasers, and interesting algorithms to solve problems. If you love problem solving, this club is for you! (Also, as a plus, it's basically free tutoring for your comp sci class.)

Advisor: Ms. Elia

Meeting Info:  Monday's right after School, and Wednesday right after School (not sure yet)


Amnesty International @ PHS

This club is a part of the international organization known as Amnesty International. It is an organization that helps fight for human rights all across the globe in the forms of petitions, demonstrations, raising awareness, and raising money.

Advisor: Mr. Sullivan

Meeting Info:  Fridays during break In a classroom


Anime Club

Do you love anime or manga? Join us to explore the anime world!

Advisor: Graciela Elia

Meeting Info:  Thursday after school and Friday break Thursday 240 Friday tba


Arts & Crafts

The name of our club says it all.  Get together with us for some arts & crafts.

Advisor: Ms. Freedman

Meeting Info:  Thursday during break Room 133


Badminton Club

New members will be able to enjoy the thrill of badminton! We will meet once every week to play badminton together in the old gym. All gear will be provided! This club welcomes people of all skill levels!

Advisor: Mr. Vajda

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays after school, and perhaps another day after polling new members old gym


Beat Diabetes Club

The Beat Diabetes Club is dedicated to spreading awareness of diabetes, and raising money to fund research and preventative measures against the disease. At meetings we discuss recent scientific findings related to the disease, and plan the best ways to take action.

Advisor: Ms. Dineen

Meeting Info:  Every other Tuesday at Break Room 141


Board Game Club

Welcome to the Board Game Club! At each meeting, you may choose from our selection of distinct and intriguing board games and social deduction games. If our selection isn't enough and you want to bring in your favorite game to share with others, go for it. You can play with friends, or use the opportunity to meet new people. Whether you're an experienced gamer or a total newcomer, come on down and join us!

Advisor: Mr. Levandowski and Oren Levi

Meeting Info:  Fridays at 3:00 Room 164


Boys II Memes

A group that allows members to meet and share their favorite memes and pop culture

Advisor: Mr. Wilkinson

Meeting Info:  Fridays at break  Cafeteria


Chess Club

We play Chess.

Advisor: Ms. Ayad

Meeting Info:  Wednesday 1:51-2:51 Room 237 or 274


Chinese Club

This club is for new students that have a Chinese background or anyone that is interested in Chinese culture.

Advisor: Ms. Lin

Meeting Info:  Tuesday break Ms. Lin's Classroom (256)


Christine's Hope For Kids @PHS

This club acts as an extension of the foundation Christine’s Hope for Kids. Our purpose is to organize in-school fundraisers to provide support for the foundation. CHFK works to provide for local children in need. From partnering with local agencies to allow kids to attend summer camps and be a part of sports programs to providing necessities to children in shelters. CHFK strives to aid children in our communities despite tough situations.

Advisor: Ms. Misiewicz

Meeting Info:  We would meet every two weeks on Thursday during break Ms. Misiewicz fifth period room


Club Sweet

Club Sweet explores culture and cuisine from around the world.

Advisor: Ms. Muca

Meeting Info:  Weekdays at Break 153


Comedy Club

We hang out and crack jokes, learn how to be funny and make good jokes.

Advisor: Dr. Levandowski

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays during lunch break Room 166 (Dr. Lev's english room)


Computer Hardware Club

The club will teach and work with its members to assemble high performance PCs with a limited budget.

Advisor: Ms. Elia

Meeting Info:  Thursday (3:00-4:00) Room 268


Conspiracy Theory Club

Our mission is to enlighten the youths of Princeton High School about the hidden truths about the world and to conduct intellectual discussions about various theories. Are the theories facts? Why are conspiracy theories so intriguing? How did some of the more ridiculous theories come to be? In this club, we attempt to answer questions such as these among others. We meet every Thursday during break in Room 152, so please join us.

Advisor: Gyselle North

Meeting Info:  Every Thursday during break room 152


Critical Thinking Club

Want to sharpen your thinking skills? Now you can impress your friends with the power of sound reasoning. Learning to think clearly and avoiding logical fallacies can be fun. Through the use of various media, we will see entertaining and informative examples of both sound and faulty logic. Puzzles, brain teasers, and logical problems will be among our activities. Logic is said to be a lost art, but we intend to find it.

Advisor: Mr. Herzog

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays during break In a classroom


Current Events Club

Our club meets once a week to watch a power point about and discuss current events around the world and how they affect our lives. After we talk about worldly happenings, we often discuss current events in the Princeton community. We have donuts every week and our advisor, Ms. Manhart, adds interesting commentary to our discussions.

Advisor: Patricia Manhart

Meeting Info:  Fridays at break 144 or 143 depending on space


Dance Club

In the club we will work on specific dance moves and skills as well as learning dances. The combos we will learn will be choreography from professional choreographers. We will work on improv and choreography ourselves as well. The meetings every week will be a similar feel as a class would at a dance school. You do not need dance experience. We will have tons of fun while learning dance skills at the same time!

Advisor: Ms. Freedman

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays after school until 4 Black box theater?


Dare to Dream, Sky is the Limit

Students helping students with basic school skills. Students of different backgrounds want to help each other in study skills, social emotional, time management, stress, self talk, stress emotion management, teacher student relationship, self advocacy, job skills, college admissions. 

Advisor: Angel R. Fuentes-Pesquera

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays after school Room 285


Democrats in Action

This club is a chapter of the New Jersey High School Democrats. We operate as part of a statewide organization which enables us to have collaborative, coordinated political activism and campaigning around New Jersey.

Advisor: Dr. Miller

Meeting Info:  Tuesday at Break Room 144


Detective Club

We solve cases, simulated and real, that members pose. We use science and logic. If you like mysteries, deduction, or food, join us!

Advisor: Ms. Katz

Meeting Info:  Monday during lunch break Room 280


DIY Club

DIY Club is an art club focusing on 3D creation. Do it yourself (DIY) is the art of building or modifying things from raw or semi-raw materials. In DIY club, members will be introduced to sewing, wood burning, embroidery, etc. Members will also learn many fun seasonal DIYs. DIY Club meets every Monday afternoon and Friday during lunch.

Advisor: Ms. Murphy

Meeting Info:  Monday after school 3:00pm-4:00pm, Friday lunch break Room 146



Our club will have three group leaders  for each year. Our clubs objective is to address modern day problems that the hispanic and black community face in modern day and try to figure out a solution the these problems. We will meet every Friday during break.

Advisor: Dr Barnes Johnson

Meeting Info:  every Friday during break the first meeting is on the 1st of December 2017   room Number 185


Dungeons & Dragons Club

We are a group of people that get together every Friday to play D&D, a Tabletop Role Playing Game. Come join us as we explore dungeons and slay monsters across the world all from our table Veterans and newbies are welcome alike!

Advisor: Mr. Sullivan

Meeting Info:  Friday After School, 3-5pm Room 144


Eastern Service Workers Association (ESWA) Club

The Eastern Service Workers Association is an association that helps families that are receiving low wage, minimum healthcare, etc - one way they do so is by offering a benefit program, in which they help with food, clothing, and more. This club is to spread its outreach, by helping with collecting food and other necessities from Princeton, as well as the knowledge of the association's existence.

Advisor: Carlos Salazar and Dulce Blanco

Meeting Info:  Every Tuesday during lunch Room 246


Ebru Club

One of the most beautiful forms of Turkish art is Ebru, or water marbling. It is formed by drawing designs with dye on top of water, then carefully placing paper on the surface of the water in order to absorb the dye. It is a way of relaxing by having fun and learning to be patience. In this club we will learn techniques, listen music and create our unique dye, while getting ready to our end of year exhibition where we host professional artists.

Advisor: Ms. Groome and Mr. Pembleton

Meeting Info:  Friday After School Room 174



Initially our club was named ECHO, standing for the End Childhood Hunger Organization. The second year it was re-established, we decided to take away the acronym and leave it as ECHO-- a voice for the oppressed and people in need. This club's main goal is educating people about the injustices that are happening and helping victims.  This year we look forward to providing aid to refugees living in America, and working with Home Front.

Advisor: Mr.Wood

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at break  room 265


Engineering Club

The PHS Engineering Club is a club that doesn't specialize in only one type, but multiple types of engineering. We do everything from competitions to field trips so come join!

Advisor: Mr. Martens

Meeting Info:  Monday at break Room 271


Ethical Eating Club

The Ethical Eating Club is a group which actively promotes a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle and work to spread awareness of their principles! In meetings we will begin by discussing nutrition and answering any frequent questions, but the majority of our meetings will be focused on sharing recipes and making new friends! Anyone who is interested in ethical eating can come to the meetings and share their views and learn new information!

Advisor: Ms. Krulewicz

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays at break  room 205


Euro Challenge

National economics competition in which teams of seven analyze, compete, and present solutions to a Euro Area country's economic problems

Advisor: Ms. Bergman

Meeting Info:  varied varied


Fashion & Lifestyle Photography Club

We will analyze culinary and fashion using a camera as our medium

Advisor: Mr. Pembleton

Meeting Info:  Every three weeks during break Room 174


Feeding Princeton

We are a humanitarian organization aimed towards including teens in the hunger struggle within our community. Our plan is to make a visible change in food management in Princeton High School and supplying financially indigent families around Princeton with daily  food needs without worrying about the next day and so on.

Advisor: Mrs. Jackolew

Meeting Info:  We will be meeting once a week on Thursdays during break. Mrs. Jackolew 's room


Feminism Club

Feminism club is a fun way to discuss social issues, engage in activism, and hang out with other cool people!

Advisor: Ms. Manhart

Meeting Info:  Mondays during break Room 143 


Film Study Club

We will learn about the film process and what goes into making movies. Each person who joins gets a job (ex. writer, director) and we will all join together to create a short film. We will switch roles so everyone gets a chance to experience and learn.

Advisor: Mr. Gonzalez

Meeting Info:  Thursdays, 3:00-4:45 152

French Club

We intend to celebrate French culture, lifestyle, and tradition by speaking French, listening to French music, eating French foods, and planning events geared towards presenting French culture in a positive light. All students are welcome, not just French students. We are currently working towards getting more members involved and achieving our overall goal of celebrating French culture.

Advisor: Madame North & Madame Fisher

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays during break Room 152


Fundraising for Freedom

Fundraising for Freedom is a club dedicated to raising money year round to be be donated to charities working to free modern day slaves around the world.

Advisor: Ms. Hayda

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays during break  Room 268


Future Doctors of America

This club's main goal is to bring together students with the same interest in medicine. During the meetings we discuss programs to help students interested in medicine get a head start in their career pathway. Ooh and we perform dissections!

Advisor: Ms.Riccardi and Ms.Smolyn

Meeting Info:  First Wednesday of every month at break  272


Gender and Sexuality Alliance

An open and welcoming environment for people of all gender orientations and sexualities to meet and connect, and to show support for the LGBT+ community. Friends and allies welcome.

Advisor: Ms. Shoop and Dr. Levandowski

Meeting Info:  Thursdays after school  Room 164


Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is an organization dedicated to giving girls all over the world an opportunity to pursue their interests in computer science. Girls Who Code at PHS will be doing outreach activities at the Princeton Public Library and elementary and middle schools in the area, hosting workshops and activities. (These events will count towards your community service requirement)

Advisor: Ms. Elia

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays from 2 - 4 242


History Bowl

It's a competition focusing on history in which A question is asked and a team must "buzz in" and reply if they know the answer. In teams of four, students have the opportunity to compete against other schools at tournaments throughout the year, culminating in Nationals in DC.

Advisor: Dr. Miller

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays after school (Some Wednesdays) Room 233



We have a 2 year curriculum that teaches iOS App Development. Members are guaranteed to release at least one app their first year, and then work as a team to build a social entrepreneurship app product their second year.

Advisor: Mrs. Elia

Meeting Info:  Twice a week (typically Monday/Tuesday after school) Mrs. Elia's Computer Lab


Indian Club

We explore the various parts of Indian Culture including clothes, food, music, and more! Our club aim to host many fun events such as Holi, Diwali, and a Bollywood Movie Night. Join our great club to learn about the complex culture of India during break on Wednesdays! All are warmly welcomed!

Advisor: Ms. Mehta

Meeting Info:  Wednesday's at break Rm. 183


Interact at the Elms

We promote and discuss the importance of intergenerational interactions between the senior citizens at the Elms Nursing Home and teenagers.

Advisor: Mrs. Morris

Meeting Info:  Every other Monday @ break in Room 153

Interactive Peer Learning Center (iPLC)

We run a website that provides a platform to aid students in their studies.

Advisor: Jacqueline Katz

Meeting Info:  Wednesday, break 241


Islamic Society of PHS

The IS of PHS aims to educate the people about Islam to eliminate the stereotypes about Islam through organizing monthly lectures given by professors and weekly meetings to discuss and learn about Islam as well as field trips and national and international contests.

Advisor: Mr. Wood & Dr. Lev

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays at break N/A


Jane Austen Club

Calling all fans of Jane Austen or other authors like her! Our club is open to discussing anything, including books and movies! We watch a wide range of movies, from movies based on literature to cartoons. If you are looking for serious book discussions or just something fun to do, Jane Austen Club is the right place for you!

Advisor: Ms. Manhart

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at Break Room 247


Japanese Club

The Japanese Club helps students who want to learn about Japanese culture and does fun Japanese Activities.

Advisor: Ms. Buurstra

Meeting Info:  Thursday during break Japanese Room


Knit-tea-ng Club

Every other week, we'll meet to knit projects and drink tea.

Advisor: Ms. Mollie Murphy

Meeting Info:  Every Wednesday at Break Room 172


Korean Club

Students will be learning about Korean culture, and get a taste of Korean food.

Advisor: Mr. Lee

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays during Break room 171


Latin Club

While everyone in Latin Club contains a passion for the classics (or just fun), we take part of a variety of activities including cooking Italian food, canoeing, hiking, and watching movies (no latin proficiency required)! Additionally, Latin Club participates in the New Jersey Junior Classical League, where teams compete in a quiz bowl style format. When in doubt, come to room 244 Friday’s at break!

Advisor: Ms. Lewis

Meeting Info:  Fridays at break Room 244


Latinos Unidos

Latinos Unidos is a group where we promote hispanic heritage and build a community based on our similarities. It is a welcoming group to all students no matter of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.

Advisor: Mr.Lavado

Meeting Info:  Tuesday's at break Room 254


Library Outreach

We will be reaching out to the Princeton Public Library to work with groups such as TAB (Teen Advisory Board) and TBD (To Be Discussed) to coordinate community events and benefit teens! This is our way of getting PHS connected to the Library, so that there is more student involvement not just inside our school walls, but outside in the community, as well.

Advisor: Ms. Bigioni

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays during break At the library (media center)


Literature Club

Worried you won't have time to read with all that high school stress? Come to our Friday break meetings in room 141, an oasis for the casual or obsessed teen reader. Together we read poetry, short stories, novels, and discuss our favorite books, characters and more! With no outside time commitment and a guarantee of a good time, this club is perfect for anyone overwhelmed with other commitments, but is interested in the literary universe!

Advisor: Ms. Murphy

Meeting Info:  Friday break Room 146


Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is a open space where all student more than welcome to come eat.  Our goal, is to make sure that everyone at PHS knows that they are welcome and has a safe space to eat.

Advisor: Ms. Serverson

Meeting Info:  Tuesday at Break Room 155


Making Strides against Breast Cancer

Millions of women will die each year from breast cancer. Join Making Strides to raise money and do your part in fighting against this deadly disease. Together we will work as a unit to fundraise and collect money from family and friends who will support us in our efforts. In this club you will also have the opportunity to make new friends who share the same passion to fight breast cancer.

Advisor: Ms. North

Meeting Info:  Tuesday's at break 152


Mental Health Matters Club

A welcoming place for people to have open discussions about mental health and how they are feeling. Our main goal is to get rid of the stigma around mental illness by bringing awareness to it by working with NAMI and having open discussions.

Advisor: Ma. Manhart

Meeting Info:  Friday's at break  Was room 144 (unless ms. Manhart has a room change)


Numina Gallery

We curate and display art created by professional and student artists. Numina is for all who appreciate any form of art and expression.

Advisor: Mr Pembleton

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays at break the gallery (next to the Tech office)


Pen in a Box

Pen in a box is a non profit organization that collects school supplies. These supplies are then sent to children that cannot have education easily in countries around the world!

Advisor: Ms.Misiewicz

Meeting Info:  Every Friday  At room 232


Photo Club

Photo Club is a club where we teach the best techniques for taking pictures and practice digital designing on the computer, such as learning PhotoShop. We intend to collaborate with other clubs this year, such as the Yearbook club and The Ivy, to provide photography services and submit photos.

Advisor: Ms. Elia

Meeting Info:  Thursdays during Break Room 262


PHS 3D Design & Printing

Hey! Interested in bringing your imagination to reality? This is the club for you! You’ll use software to design things, and you can even 3D print them! We will showcase our members’ work in school events and participate in competitions, among other activities. New and experienced people are welcome! THERE WILL BE YUMMY FOOD!!!

Advisor: Mr. Gargione and Ms. Elia

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays @ Break Room 85


PHS Aquaponics Club

We're constructing a small-scale aquaponics system in conjunction with the research class. We'd like to open the project up to students not in the research class.

Advisor: Ms. Katz

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays at break Room 280


PHS Aquarium Club

We take care of the aquariums around the school.

Advisor: Mr Thayer

Meeting Info:  TBD Mrs Elia's Computer Lab


PHS Asian American Club

AAC is a club that brings people together. Despite the common misconception that our club is only for Asians or Asian-Americans, in truth, we welcome people of all races, all ethnicities, and all nationalities. Members of AAC hang out inside and outside of school, including organized outside events like laser tagging, bowling, ice skating, buffet outings, and an end of year BBQ, by tradition.

Advisor: Mr. Reyes

Meeting Info:  Wednesday @ Break Room 131



A club to teach American Sign Language and also promote the learning of this language.

Advisor: Ms. Mital

Meeting Info:  Friday after school Ms. Mital's room


PHS Bridge Club

In this club, we plan to teach new players how to play bridge, with the overall goal of joining a youth bridge tournament around May. Bridge is a great game for students with logical minds.

Advisor: Ms. McEvoy

Meeting Info:  Mondays, during break Room 143 (pending approval)


PHS Chemistry Club

Welcome to PHS Chemistry Club! We’re an outlet for everything chemistry, and will be doing lots of fun activities (reactions, movie nights, contests, field trips, etc) throughout the year. The environment is noncompetitive and prior knowledge is NOT needed! We hope to expand the reach of chemistry and explore the many ways it connects to our world. Join us for weekly meetings Wednesday break in room 182!

Advisor: Dr. Robert Corell

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at Break Room 182


PHS Christianity Club

The PHS Christianity club is designed to apply the teachings of Christianity into a modern context. The club accepts everyone no matter what religion.

Advisor: Dr. Barnes Johnson

Meeting Info:  Monday at break  148


PHS Computer & Robotics Club

We participate in robotics competitions, make silly projects like a letter day traffic light, and just generally mess around with technology.

Advisor: Mrs. Elia

Meeting Info:  Thursdays @ 3:00 Room 242


PHS Concrete Club

Our goal is to raise awareness and teach students more about concrete, which plays a much underappreciated role in the lives of all people today. Our activities will consist of learning about the history of concrete,various as well as the  functions it serves in our daily lives.

Advisor: Ms. Dineen

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays @ Break Room 144

PHS Dance Club

The Princeton High School Dance Club is a gathering for people who have a passion for dance. We will be having fun in a dance wonderland full of music and dancing. Leaders will teach all sorts of styles of dance including Kpop, hip-hop, bollywood, ball room, swing and more. We will also try to perform in school talent shows! So come and dance with us!

Advisor: Sra.Blanco

Meeting Info:  Mondays at break Room 152


PHS Democrats

Twice a month, we meet at lunch on Thursdays to discuss current events in politics and foreign policy from a left-leaning perspective. During an election season, we participate in political activism such as phone banking, canvassing, and registering new voters in order to elect democrats up and down the ballot.

Advisor: Mr. Kosa

Meeting Info:  Every other Thursday during break  Room 206


PHS Environmental Club

PHS Environmental Club is a club that focuses on making the school and community a more environmentally friendly place while also fundraising for important environmental causes! Our most important job is to spread awareness of climate change and other environmental dangers to help ourselves and our peers understand the state of our planet, and methods to reduce our ecological footprint.

Advisor: Mr. Smirk

Meeting Info:  Friday at lunch rm 172


PHS Fishing Club

We're welcoming anyone who loves fishing, regardless of experience or equipment. Join us to learn about fishing local waterways and have a good time.

Advisor: Mr. Herzog


PHS Footy Club

An environment for fans of soccer (football) teams/competitions worldwide. Here we follow, discuss, predict, and enjoy the different leagues and competitions taking place during the school year, and simply enjoy the game!

Advisor: Mr. Walsh

Meeting Info:  Fridays at Break Math Room (right near ideas center)


PHS Forum

PHS Forum is a group committed to exploring current issues involving U.S. foreign policy, economics, political science, and jurisprudence. Approximately each month, we will hold a talk and Q/A session by a university professor or community member to elucidate their current research and explore its applications in the context of current events.

Advisor: Dr. Miller

Meeting Info:  Once a month, will be posted around the school Black Box Theatre or Old Gym


PHS Harmony Project

A club for genocide awareness and current international events. This club is going to include discussions, bake sales, and fundraisers for each project we do. All the earnings from each form of fundraising will be sent to help those in need in terms of the project unit we are on.

Advisor: Brian Hoffman

Meeting Info:  thursdays at break room 153


PHS Investment Club

We participate in the Knowledge@Wharton High School Investment Competition each year.

Advisor: Mr. Pikul

Meeting Info:  Mondays 3:00p (during Competition) Room 132


PHS JSA (Junior State of America)

Interested in politics? Watch the news? Enjoy hearing other people's opinions? Join JSA- the largest student run nonprofit organization in the United States. Stop by one of our Wednesday break meetings to jump in to a debate on national policy, attend one of our statewide conventions at Princeton University,  or spend a weekend debating bills you write in Washington D.C.!

Advisor: Ms. Manhart

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays at break Manhart's room


PHS Math Team

PHS Math Team participates in various math competitions throughout the year, including the American Mathematics Competitions, Princeton University Math Competition, and the Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament. These competitions emphasize creative problem solving and do not require knowledge of calculus. We invite everyone interested to join!

Advisor: Mr. Walsh

Meeting Info:  Tuesday after school, 60-90 min Room 237


PHS Mock Trial

We are a team of 4 attorneys and 6 witnesses that prepare and practice for a mock trial competition based on a case provided by the NJ Bar Foundation.

Advisor: Ms. Groome

Meeting Info:  end of  November to beginning of January after school almost every day Room 273


PHS Model United Nations Team

Students participate in mock discussions modeling the United Nations, learning valuable public speaking, networking and people skills. Students research historical and political topics to debate among peers, experienced activists/diplomats, and college students.

Advisor: Ms. Dineen

Meeting Info:  Mondays afterschool Room 141


PHS Multiracial Student Union

PHS Multiracial Student Union is a student-led organization that seeks to provide a safe environment for multiracial students to better understand what it means to be mixed in America. By fostering dialogue about race, the club hopes to uncover how we can use our racial status to contribute to a rapidly changing and increasingly diverse world.

Advisor: Ms. Hayden

Meeting Info:  Fridays at break (every other week)  Room 152


PHS Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem solving club based on performing arts and engineering. Currently ranked 9th in the World, Princeton High School's Odyssey of the Mind team has won regional and state competitions multiple times. Teams of seven work on a long term creative problem for several months which requires a creative engineering solution as well as the creation of costumes and a script from recycled materials.

Advisor: Ms. Katz

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at Break Room 280


PHS Production

Our club is simple:

We come up with video ideas assign jobs and then film it. Our club is made for people who have a love of video production, acting, or writing! We will also be submitting our finished projects to various film festivals throughout the year!

Advisor: Mr. Hoffman

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays @break Room 81 (The Video Production Room)


PHS Quizbowl

We are a team that competes in regional and national quiz bowl tournaments. Quiz bowl is an academic competition testing one's knowledge of various academic subjects, and our team hopes to encourage learning new things.

Advisor: Mr. Barry

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays after School  Room 247


PHS Red Cross Club

Red Cross is an organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education inside the United States. Our goal is to fundraise and raise awareness in the community to help Red Cross come closer to achieving their goal.

Advisor: Ms. Smolyn & Jayne Ricciardi

Meeting Info:  Mondays @ break Room 285


PHS Republican Club

PHS Republican club meets every Thursday at break. We will discuss current events and share opinions on relevant topics.

Advisor: Mr. Wilkinson

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at break room 133


PHS Slam Poetry Club

A club dedicated to listening to good slam poetry, bad slam poetry, and mediocre slam poetry. We will also be writing poetry about funny and serious topics, and performing them for the members of the club.

Advisor: Lauren King

Meeting Info:  Thurs. at break 155


PHS Spectacle Theatre

We do everything behind the scenes of the productions that go on at PHS! We are always looking for new people in all different areas of expertise (ex. hair & makeup, costumes, tickets & ushering, props, tech crew, etc.)

Advisor: Mrs. Wray

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays at break The black box


PHS Strength and Conditioning Club

Training in the off-season? Trying to improve your fitness? Come workout with the Strength and Conditioning Club in the PHS weight room! All are welcome! Members may use the weight room during open hours. Each week, we will learn specific lifts: squat, bench-press, deadlift, etc. Learn to lift safely and properly! Plus, some easy projects to help upgrade our equipment and the PHS weight room!

Advisor: Mr. John Torrey

Meeting Info:  M-F (3:00-5:30) PHS Weight Room


PHS Table Tennis Club

Casual sports club that accepts members from a wide variety of skill levels. Each meeting will host casual games and potentially lessons. We will also host fundraisers and tournaments.

Advisor: Mr. Haywood

Meeting Info:  Every other Wednesday at 1:49 Cafeteria


PHS Tech Crew

We provide lighting, sound, backstage help, and everything else to all the events that go on in the PAC,

Advisor: Mr. Van Velsor

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays at break PAC


PHS TeenAge Republicans Club

 The PHS TeenAge Republicans Club is a chapter of the national Teen Age Republicans. As a chapter, we work to further the Republican Ideals expressed by this specific organization, in a serious, and respectful manner.

Advisor: Mr. Jack Bathke

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays During Break Within Mr.Bathke's classroom, room 166


PHS Tiger News

In PHS Tiger News, members of the team work to put together and film the weekly broadcast which is shown in homeroom every Wednesday.

Advisor: Mr. Ghallager

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays at break The TV studio, room 83


PHS TripleH (Heart and Hand for the Handicapped)

Heart and Hand for the Handicapped (TripleH) is a non-profit organization that works towards supporting children with physical and mental challenges like polio, autism, down's syndrome, blindness and other vision problems in India and the US. PHS comes into the picture with fundraising. Through various events such as peer-to-peer fundraising, and community fundraising, we can do our part in helping children who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Advisor: Ms. Misiewicz

Meeting Info:  Tuesday at Break Room 232


PHS True Blue

True Blue is committed to improving the school's culture through simple, fun activities. We help transfer/international students acclimate to the school, organize Student Showcases to display student talent, and are open to any ideas to increase the positivity of PHS's diverse environment!! It's a great way to stay involved in school events and give back to PHS. Our range of opportunities will always ensure you find something you like doing. Join True Blue!

Advisor: Mrs. Lygas

Meeting Info:  Mondays 3:00-3:30  Guidance


PHS Union

A forum for students to express ideas and opinions on important and relevant issues of the day in a moderated and meaningful way.

Advisor: Ms. Bergman

Meeting Info:  On Thursdays at Break (Day of week still under discussion) Room 132.1


PHS Waksman Club


PHS Waksman Club is a branch of Rutgers’ Waksman Student Scholars Program. Meetings include lessons and hands-on labs to extract and prepare cDNA from duckweed (an aquatic plant) for sequencing. Ultimately, students will be able to publish their clone sequences and present their research at a Waksman poster session.

(Not available to freshmen.)

Advisor: Ms. Katz

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays 1:49-3 Room 280


Physics Club

Princeton High School's physics club will participate in contests such as the Princeton University Physics Competition, the F=ma exam, and the USAPhO (USA Physics Olympiad). The 2017-2018 year will be the first with regular meetings, and participation is encouraged.

Advisor: Mr. Higgins

Meeting Info:  Not decided yet Mr. Higgins' room (2nd floor somewhere)


Princeton Filmmaking Club

A PHS club whose members work together to create any type of film from pre-production through post-production, whether it be a feature length film, a music video, a documentary, or any other type of video.

Advisor: Ms. Elia

Meeting Info: Room 242


Princeton Gaming Association

This is a place where students can unwind, so come and join us, play games to help you loosen up your stress and have fun!

Advisor: Mr. Haywood

Meeting Info:  Wednesday 1:51-2:51 room 80


Princeton Girl Up

Our mission is to acknowledge and spread awareness of the issues girls face in our world. We would like to present and create opportunities for girls to dream and have their dreams come true. Each and every girl deserves to dream and live no matter what situation they're born in to. Whether we reach our goal by fundraising or advocating for this cause, we can do it!

Advisor: Graciela Elia

Meeting Info:  Every week on Tuesday during break  Room 154


Princeton Key Club

The Key Club of Princeton aims to provide our members with opportunities to build character, develop leadership, and provide service throughout our growing community. Caring's Our Way of Life     

Advisor: Patricia Manhart

Meeting Info:  Tuesday during break  143


Princeton Through Glass

Princeton Through Glass is a Princeton High School affiliated photojournalism blog about the town. Our publication aims to display our favorite aspects of Princeton through many different perspectives, as well as document the exploration of a place we all know and love. We also eat a lot of food together.

Advisor: Mr. Gonzalez

Meeting Info:  Interest meeting is Friday the 29th of September Room 165


Rock Climbing Club

This is a club for rock climbing enthusiasts for discussion of different techniques.  At meetings we will talk about our recent climbs and share videos of ourselves or pros.

Advisor: Dr. Miller (Rick Miller)

Meeting Info:  Every other week Tuesday during break Possibly room 144


Rock n Roll Club

A club to learn about and listen to classic rock music (1960s-1980s) for kids who love rock and roll or want to learn more about it.

Advisor: Mr. Mazzarella

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays at break room 252


Science Bowl

The Princeton High School Science Bowl team is a group of dedicated students who meet on school days to train and subsequently compete in regional, national, and school organized invitational science bowl events. Science bowl is  a quizbowl style competition centering specifically on scientific knowledge.

Advisor: Ms. Mehta & Ms. Szporn

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays & Thursdays After School Room 185 


Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad is a competitive team-based STEM club. Students have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate what they’ve learned through a variety of written exams, labs, and construction projects. Competition days are like academic track meets, with 23 events across earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Advisor: Renée Szporn

Meeting Info:  Mondays afterschool Room 271


She's The First

The club is called She's The First, and it is a huge organization with chapters in different regions throughout the country. The goal of She's The First is to raise money to send girls to be the first in their family to graduate high school in third world countries. Our club would be responsible of hosting fundraisers and spreading the word about education in third world countries for girls.

Advisor: Ms. Smolyn

Meeting Info:  Thursday during break Room 268


Shore Bowl

Shore Bowl is New Jersey’s regional competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. Students meet weekly to learn about marine biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and policy then compete as teams in a buzzer-style quiz bowl.

Advisor: Mr. Fuentes-Pesquera

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays @ 3:00 Room 285



SiSTEM is dedicated to allowing girls the opportunity to learn the skills of computer programming. We hold fundraisers to allow underprivileged girls to learn how to code. We also embark on trips to technology companies to show the people in our club what career options there are in the real world. In a relaxed setting, we will also host Hour of Code events in the public library for elementary/middle school kids to start coding at an early age.

Advisor: Mrs. Elia

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at break Room 273


Smoothies For Syria (S4S)

Smoothies for Syria sells smoothies to Princeton High School faculty members and students. Our mission is to raise money and spread awareness of the refugees in Syria. At the end of the school year, all funds collected are donated to the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Advisor: Ms. Misiewicz

Meeting Info:  tuesday's at break to be determined


Soduko Club

We welcome every sudoko lover and students who are interested in learning how to play sudoko. We will schedule competitions within the school irregularly according to our Facebook group!

Advisor: Mr. Martens

Meeting Info:  Every other Monday 247 Physics class room


Space Club

Hey!!! Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the atmosphere? Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered what are those white things? What's a worm hole? Why the sun looked like a pac-man a couple months ago? Or why the sunlight on your face is 30,000 years old? Well there is a whole universe of answers at space club, where we share advanced theories and simple facts about space! So save some space in your schedule for space club XD!

Advisor: Ms. Soprano

Meeting Info:  Friday at break  Room 206


Speech and Debate

We are a nationally competitive and ranked speech & debate team, attending local, state, and national tournaments throughout the school year. Events include Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Congress. Members research new topics every 1-2 months.

Advisor: Ms. Birge

Meeting Info:  Tuesday and Thursday after school Room 232, varies



Spork, a seasonal magazine filled with food reviews, recipes, articles, and original artwork, is Princeton High School’s only food and dining publication. We gather recipes, cook, photograph, and produce a beautifully designed magazine. The editors, writers, photographers, and designers of Spork are united by one common interest: the love of food.

Advisor: Ms. Goldsmith

Meeting Info:  specific dates to be determined- no recurring dates but will typically be held during break 153


Stay Woke

Staying Woke, means being aware of the current situations that are going around whether it be in our community, state, or in the world. Getting up close and personal with topics that are uncomfortable to discuss, especially with the tense political climate. If you are student who is innovative, passionate and ready to be heard, this is the club for you.

Advisor: Dr. Barnes Johnsons

Meeting Info:  Mondays 3:00-4:00 Room 185


Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)

SADD is a community service organization targeted to help spread the word about safe driving amongst young and new drivers. As a group we do activities throughout the year to promote this message, and at the end of the year we come together with SADD groups across New Jersey at six flags.

Advisor: Ms. O'Gorman

Meeting Info:  Thursdays at break Room 98.5


Sustainable Development

Each week we address and debate a new environmental or humanitarian issue. We attend thought talks and events address important issues. Last year we put together a climate change conference with Princeton Day School.  We welcome all new environmentally interested individuals.

Advisor: Ms. Hayda

Meeting Info:  Thursday at Break Rm 268


Ted-ed Club

At Ted-ed club, we watch and discuss various TED talks!

Advisor: Ms. Smolyn

Meeting Info:  Mondays at Break 268 sometimes 270


Tennis Club

Club Tennis strives to create a fun and competitive environment that is all about the members. Students who are interested in playing tennis can sign up to exchange tennis technique and play tennis with each other.

Advisor: Christian Herzog

Meeting Info:   Wednesday after school  room 266


The Beginners Club

We are a group of people dedicated to learning new activities.

Advisor: Mr. Wilkinson

Meeting Info:  We will meet on specified dates found on the Facebook page 98.5


The Ivy

PHS's visual and literary arts magazine dedicated to sharing art and literature created by students.

Advisor: Ms Muça, Mr Gonzalez

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays after school Room 153 (Ms Muça's room)


The Jewish Life and Culture Club

The Jewish Life and Culture Club offers the opportunity for interested students, Jewish and non-Jewish, to explore the history, culture, and continuity of the Jewish people by engaging in relevant and thoughtful conversation.

Advisor: Dave Kosa

Meeting Info:  Tuesdays at break Room 204


The Paintbrush

Students have the opportunity to make logos for the school and learn different art techniques as well as sending their art to competitions and exhibitions.

Advisor: Mrs. Shah

Meeting Info:  Mondays at break Room 174


The Prince

The Prince is the official yearbook of Princeton High School.  Join us if you like to write, design, take pictures, and share the good vibes!

Advisor: Mrs. Lygas

Meeting Info:  Wednesdays 3:00-5:00pm Room 172


The Tower

Interested in contributing to PHS's award-winning student-run newspaper? The Tower welcomes all interested writers, artists, photographers, and copy editors. Join for a fun time, a valuable experience, and a chance to meet new people! Email our Senior Editors at and keep an eye out for our interest meetings.


Advisor: Dr. Doug Levandowski, Mrs. Lauren King

Meeting Info:  Meetings vary by Production cycle. Room 164, room 172


Ultimate Frisbee Club

We Practice and Play Ultimate Frisbee on the front lawn of the school. It's a great sport made for all levels.  It's a bunch of fun and doesn't take much time like other sports.

Advisor: Ms. Delaney

Meeting Info:  We meet Mondays and Thursdayś from 3 - 4:30pm Under The Big Tree in the Front Lawn



Our mission of the PHS UNICEF is to promote awareness and participation in working towards achieving UNICEF’s goal to prevent children deaths in undeveloped countries all around the world and work towards the long term needs of children. This project aims to provide students a unique opportunity to involve themselves in global humanitarian issues through regular bake sales, car washes, the Tap Project, as well as other fundraiser events.

Advisor: Mr. Loughran

Meeting Info:  monday lunch break 262


Urban Arts Club

The UAC is dedicated to educating the students of PHS about the Urban Arts. Revolutionized during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, the urban arts encapsulates the music, dance, and visual arts we see everyday in the 21st century.

Advisor: Dr. Barnes-Johnson

Meeting Info:  Fridays during Break Room 185 (unless otherwise specified)


Volleyball Club

A coed volleyball club for kids to come and learn how to play that will become a boys volleyball team next year

Advisor: Mr.Gelenitis

Meeting Info:  Thursdays during break The old gym


World Geography and Cultures Club

We're a chill club that meets to talk about linguistics, geography, foreign cultures, or really anything tangentially related to our name. We host the annual World Cultures Festival, and we eat food, listen to music, and watch movies from different countries. If any of that sounds interesting (or you just like free food), we'd love for you to join us!

Advisor: Ms. Soprano

Meeting Info:  Tuesday Break Ms. Soprano's Room



"in a class of their own"

At PHS, we are incredibly fortunate to be receiving an amazing education; however, education isn't a right everywhere, it's a fortune. With Pennies for Peace, we will work to help provide education to girls in Central Asia who are financially unable to attend school. We will put together fundraisers and events to help raise money for all of our girls worldwide!


Advisor: Ms. Campisi

Meeting Info:  Every other Monday at break 274




Starting a Club

Would you like to start a new club?  Fill out the online Club Application.  Club applications are reviewed each Friday. 

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