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Websites for Students and Parents

Teacher Websites      *UPDATED FOR 2017-2018*

                                                                        Teaching Points for Leveled Readers

A Parent Guide to the Reading Levels.docx

Teaching Points for Levels A – K-1.docx
Teaching Points for Levels L - Z.docx

                                        Notice and Note Strategy Support:  Kylene Beers and Bob Probst

Aha Moments Intro.pptx
Book Club.pdf
Book Trailer Rubric.docx
Book Trailer Video Project.docx
                                                                   Video Clips to Use With Signposts
Contemporary Books Every Teacher Should Know(1).docx
Contrast and Contradictions-Intro(1).pptx
Fiction Signposts According to HS Teacher.docx
Memory Moments Intro.pptx
NF Questions & Signs Bookmark.docx
Notice & Note Review.pdf
Notice and Note Fiction Flip Chart - Full.pdf
Notice and Note Fiction Flip Chart - Fill in the Blank.pdf
Notice and Note Fiction Signposts Anchor Charts.pptx
Notice and Note flipbooks.pdf
NOTICE AND NOTE question answer cheat sheet.docx
Notice and Note signposts.pptx
Notice and Note- Memory Moments.pptx
Notice and Note.pdf
Novels in verse.pdf
Parent Letter SP.docx
Reading Comp. Foundations.pdf
Recommended Professional Resources for Reading Teachers.docx
Signpost Hunt.docx
Signposts and 6th&8th Standards.docx
Signposts for Any text.docx
STOP memory moments.docx
STOP NOTICE AND NOTE movie log.docx
STOP NOTICE AND NOTE reading log.docx
STOP tough questions.docx
Words of the Wiser Intro.pptx

                                                                                     Penny Kittle Notes

Penny Kittle-handouts.pdf

                                                                   Jennifer Serravallo's Reading Strategies

                                                            The Reading Strategies Book- Jennifer Serravallo

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