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Department Directory

Administration Building
25 Valley Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: 609.806.4200

Princeton High School:

Jack Bathke: English IV, Public Speaking
Scott Cameron: English IVAP, English III
Barbara Coen: English I
Courtney Crane: English III, The Journalism Internship, Literary Journalism, Multi-Media Journalism, HSPA
Alana Davis: English II, English II PLUS, English III
Julie Dunham: English I, English I PLUS, HSPA 12
Charles Gallagher: Video Production I, Video Production II, Multi-Media Special Effects, Filmmaking
Keri Lynn Galli: English I, English II
Christian Gonzalez: English II, English II PLUS, English IV
Lauren King: Media Studies, English I, Journalism I
Doug Levandowski: English III AP, English II, Philosophy and Literature
Emily Lipphardt: English IV AP, English IV, HSPA
Anna Dziedzic: English III, Writer's Workshop
Greta Muca: English II, Transitional English, HSPA ESL
Susan Murphy: English III AP, Great Books, Contemporary Literature
John Sulivan: English IV AP Philosophy, Film Appreciation
Aaron Thayer: English I, English II, Peer Group Leader

John Witherspoon Middle School:

Sharrie Barish, 8th Grade Language Arts
Monica Blake, 8th Grade Language Arts (Josh Kalmikoff- long term leave replacement)

Christina Staley, 7th Grade Language Arts
Keith McEvoy, 7th Grade Language Arts

Crystal Paek, 6th Grade Language Arts
James Sweeney, 6th Grade Language Arts

Lisa McGhee, Literacy Advantage

Jeanette Paredes, English Excels: Grades 6, 7, 8

District Literacy Coach:
Donna Goodwin

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